Psychologist Nicole Blay Franzke

Psychological advice and treatment – Helping you to help yourself
As a licenced psychologist I offer therapy for young people, adults, couples and families. I am a college professor at the Balearic Islands University (UIB) in the Faculty of Psychology. I can offer you advice and help with depression, stress and anxiety disorders, burnout, addictions, chronic pain (cooperating with Dr. Fritz Nobbe, neurologist), mourning, divorce situations and vital crises. I also treat oncological patients.

In addition to this, I work with Yoga and MBSR (mindfulness- based stress reduction) techniques, in order to decrease stress and anxiety situations. Each patient is for me unique and therefore requires an individual and personal solution which we elaborate together in therapy.

There are many therapists to whom I am deeply grateful and who have had a great influence on my way of giving therapy, such as Paul Salkovskis, Carl Rogers, Viktor Frankl, Carl Gustav Jung, Sigmund Freud, Giorgio Nardone and Leo Festinger among others. I always get inspiration from my yoga teachers Maria and Toni, and my therapy supervisor, Carlos Farrés.

I think that silence, nature, breathing and also sensibility for oneself and others, are the key to personal development. As Carl Gustav Jung said: “who looks outside dreams , who looks inside, awakens”


We know, thanks to multiple scientific studies, especially the ones conducted by the astronauts at the NASA, that living for a long period of time locked down, can bring serious psychological consequences. Stress, irritability, depression and eating or sleeping disorders, may appear in those periods. Also, social related problems, such as difficulties in the communication with the ones who share the isolation, family members included.

To prevent all these consequences, the PALMA CLINIC offers a new service of online psychotherapy sessions. These sessions are one hour sessions, conducted through videoconference, in which you will get the professional advice and support of a psychologist. To get your appointment, call at: (+34) 971 905 202