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Internist Dr. Carsten Henningsen

Dr. Carsten Henningsen, Internist on Mallorca offers you the entire spectrum of Internal Medicine including endoscopic and non-invasive cardiolgical diagnostic. More...

Dr. Stefan Kamp Mallorca

Dr. Stefan Kamp

Dr. Stefan Kamp helps with all urological diseases as well as preventive and after-care. The experienced Urologist will perform minimal invasive surgeries on Mallorca. More...
Dr. med Haak

Dr. Oliver G. Haak

Dr. Oliver Haak is the German Specialist for Paediatrics in Palma de Mallorca. He has been caring for residents and vacationers in his Paediatric practice since the year 2002. More...

PD Dr. Patric Garcia

The Traumatologist and Orthopedist takes care of your musculoskeletal system. Dr. Garcia previously held the position of senior physician at the University Hospital in Munster. More...

Dr. Fritz A. Nobbe

Dr. Nobbe treats headache, dizziness, nerve inflammation, “lumbago”, unclear pain syndromes, stroke and cerebral haemorrhage, memory disorder, tremor, gait, etc. More...

Blay Franzke

Nicole Blay Franzke

As a licensed psychologist I help my clients develop healthy balance in life, give guidance in decision making and offer support in navigating mental health difficulties. More...

Dr. Stefan Kamp Mallorca

Gynaecologists Dr. Raas y Dr. Haitzinger

Dr. med. Paul Raas and Dr. med. Sandra Haitzinger help with diagnostics, gynaecological illnesses, obstetrics, breast diseases, cosmetic surgery, and antiaging. More...

Dr. Jenke Mallorca

Dermatologist Dr. Andreas Jenke

Dermatologist Dr. Andreas Jenke offers you in Mallorca´s Palma Clinic a modern dermatological diagnostic of skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, allergies, etc. More...

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