Functional analysis / splint therapy

The temporomandibular joint is an enormously important and much-demanded part of the body. We use it to open and close our mouths. This is a natural process that we have to perform every day. It is all the worse when the temporomandibular joint causes painful problems. Many patients do not feel the pain caused by temporomandibular joint disorders in the joint itself, but may suffer from headaches and/or neck tension. By means of the functional analysis of the jaw, the cause of the temporomandibular joint complaints is first determined. Based on this diagnosis, a therapy is developed that will permanently relieve you of the jaw complaints.


If the jaw hurts/cracks during the day, the cause is usually to be found at night. Many people grind their teeth during sleep and thus unintentionally strain the teeth and the jaw joint. The jaw joint becomes tense. An occlusal splint can help in such cases. This custom-made plastic splint is worn at night, prevents grinding and relieves the chewing system. The jaw joints can relax so that the discomfort is alleviated. In addition to the grinding splint, other therapies are available for temporomandibular joint disorders - depending on the diagnosis.