Neurological examination

Medical history (collection of current complaints), cranial nerve status, eyeground, eye movements, strength, motor function, sensitivity, coordination, muscle tone, reflex status, gait and balance Memory and orientation

Examination of the memory performance

Neuropsychological tests (e.g. speech or memory disorders following concussion, stroke, etc.) Awareness, concentration, retentiveness and coordination are tested by means of diagnostic psychological testing methods. The method allows the assessment of the patient's memory, spatial orientation, calculating ability and creativity.

Diagnostic psychological tests are used for example to determine whether dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease, is present and at what stage. Furthermore, other brain performance disorders, organic brain syndrome, depression, or neurosis can be detected.

X-ray imaging

  • X-ray examinations
  • X-ray examinations can also be carried out on the premises by Prof. Dr. Garcia.
  • Computer tomography and
  • magnetic resonance tomography
  • MRI scans are carried out at the Clínica PalmaPlanas-Quirón directly across the street and can be organized and billed directly by us. In addition to standard procedures, diffusion and perfusion sequences, angiographies with 3D reconstruction, cerebrospinal flow measurement, spectroscopy and imaging of the vestibulochochlear system are performed in a 1.5-Tesla device. In order to save your time, we try to organize the appointments in such a way that the findings can be discussed immediately after the examination.
  • Open MRI scans
    can be organized and performed in Palma (Gabinete Radiológico Dr. Rovira) and in Manacor (Centre Médic Diagnostic ALOMAR Manacor).

Color-coded Doppler and duplex sonography

The ultrasound examination of the neck vessels and of the brain arteries (transcranial, in the case of a temporal acoustic window) allows the early detection of the risk of stroke and to visualize the cerebral blood flow. In addition, the blood flow to the eye can be visualized by transorbital imaging of the ophthalmic artery.

Psychopathological diagnosis

Many neurological diseases are associated with mental disorders and require a relevant treatment. It is estimated that about 50% of the complaints reported by the patients during neurological consultations are wholly or partly of a psychosomatic nature.

Laboratory tests

Blood tests

Many neurological diseases can already be detected or ruled out by blood sampling. The laboratory tests are either performed by a renowned local laboratory on Mallorca or sent to our partner laboratory Riegel in Wiesbaden. First results are usually available within 24 h.

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Sleep laboratory

Before we can treat a sleep disorder, we should know what type of sleep disorder is present and whether and what causes may be involved. The success of a therapy is based on an exhaustive examination and interview, preliminary diagnosis. If a diagnosis is not possible thereby, an examination in the sleep laboratory should take place. 

The first detection and recording of brain waves, the EEG (electroencephalogram), in the 1930s has contributed to our ability to learn more about sleep over the last 80 years. The analysis of EEGs allows to detect the activity of the brain in real time. Only then could it be determined that sleep is a dynamic process, and therefore anything but a death-like state. 

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