Minimization of the risk factors for chronic diseases through

  • Instructions for an independent training
    (Personal Training)
  • Building of the supporting muscles
  • Cardio training for the optimization of the
    cardiovascular function
  • Running and gait analyses
  • Strength and performance diagnostics
  • Pelvic floor exercise
  • Nutrition counselling

Rapid Assistance

  • Conservative, individual treatment of sports and leisure accidents
  • Rehabilitation after surgeries
  • Rehabilitation after heart attacks and strokes

Generation 50 plus

Health and fitness gymnastics
The gymnastics Generation 50 plus is its very own movement pattern that considers the change of the age in human beings. It is performed in small groups with a maximum of 4 people or also individually, as requested. This way, we can ensure that each participant receives the assistance and the time that he or she requires.

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Back fitness

Preventative back training promotes strength, mobility, and relaxation. Become preventatively active and train for a clearly better life quality, for a healthy spinal column, and a strong pain-free back.  Deep muscles that are not reached with conventional training are strengthened. The spinal column is supported and already existing back pain is thus also alleviated.

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