Pharmacological treatment

Most of the neurological diseases require a pharmacological treatment with specific drugs. Many of these drugs are dispensed in Spain exclusively through hospital pharmacies. A medical prescription is required and, in some cases, basically in the case of non-approved indications, a report in English and Spanish. As in other situations, we collaborate with the pharmacy of the Clínica Juaneda.

Even if often the disease cannot be cured, an improvement of the quality of life is possible and necessary. In some cases we also (or only) recommend psychotherapy in close collaboration with our Department of Physiology.

Deep brain stimulation

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) basically is a reversible, neurosurgical procedure in the brain, which is approved worldwide for the treatment of certain neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, dystonia and essential tremor. Colloquially, the term brain pacemaker is also common. We have experience in the field of indication, implantation, monitoring and adjustment of devices for neurostimulation. We have the programming devices and many years of experience in optimizing the setting parameters and the indication of these forms of treatment.

Outpatient infusion treatment

for acute migraine, MS flares, pain therapy. We have two rooms for short treatments or more prolonged treatments (> 1h) in a hospital bed.

Intrathecal treatment

With this type of treatment, the medication is injected into the space between the spinal cord and the thecal sac surrounding the spinal cord. Medications like baclofen, clonidine or morphine can be dispensed in this way in order to minimize adverse effects associated with the oral or intravenous administration at higher doses of these drugs for the relief of spasticity or therapy-resistant pain (in collaboration with neurosurgeons from Palma).

Botox treatment

The use of botulinum toxin is approved for the treatment of tension headaches and chronic migraine. The PREEMPT study 4 showed that this treatment can be sufficiently effective. "The therapy with botulinum toxin can halve the number of days of pain (...) in many patients. Only in patients in whom the therapy fails or is not sufficiently effective, the significantly more cost-intensive antibodies therapy is indicated and also absorbed by the statutory health funds" explained Prof. Diener [Article...] This treatment can also be helpful for cluster headaches, but has as yet not been approved for this indication.

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In-patient treatment

I can directly treat patients with acute neurological diseases at the Clínica Juaneda. Double rooms are available which can be used individually or together with an accompanying person at no extra cost. In emergencies that must be treated immediately and do not allow a delay, you may directly contact the emergency room of the Clinica Juaneda Carrer de Company, 30, E-07014, Illes Balears. Telephone: 971 73 16 47. English interpreter service in the Clinic: 971 22 22 25 extension: 5008. In case of absence, my colleagues at Clínica Juaneda will fill in for me and can contact me.