Nutrition Counselor Anna-Lena Middeldorf

Evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle counseling for long-term maintenance of physical and mental health.

Many of the factors that negatively impact health are related to our diet and lifestyle and are preventable. Our Nutrition Consultant Anna-Lena Middeldorf is an academically trained Rehabilitation Pedagogue (BA) specialized in psychosocial rehabilitation and Master in Human Nutrition (MHSc). She offers individual & evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle counseling in German, English and Spanish. Taking into account your lifestyle, preferences and possibilities, Anna works holistically to gently reshape your diet so that it not only suits you, but can also be integrated into your everyday life in the long term.
The goal of the treatment-accompanying & complementary nutrition and lifestyle counseling is to accompany you emotionally and support you professionally in the long-term maintenance of your physical and mental health.

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Consulting services:
  • Individualized nutritional plans based on your health needs
  • Prevention of diet- & lifestyle related health conditions & diseases
  • Evaluation of your macro- and micronutrient requirements tailored to your needs
  • Evidence based information about the impacts of food & lifestyle on your physical and mental health
  • Assistance in reaching your feel-good weight, without restrictive diets
  • Education and advice on vegetarian or vegan diets
  • Nutrition for women's health: hormonal balance, fertility, pregnancy & menopause
  • Intuitive and mindful eating as a non-diet approach to health
  • Treatment-accompanying, psychosocial rehabilitation for disturbed eating patterns