Relaxation therapy

A combination of relaxation massage, heat, and different treatment techniques such as craniosacral treatment or traction, for example.
Man is stressed in many respects nowadays. Stress, for example in the form of performance pressure, doesn’t just arise in the professional life, but frequently also during leisure activities.  Demands and stimuli affect each of us differently and can trigger blockages and disrupt the energy flow in the body.

It is the objective of the craniosacral techniques to eliminate the blockades of the natural room for movement. The therapist feels the head and cervical spine to trace the body’s own rhythms and tensions.

The craniosacral therapy serves

  • The relaxation and deep regeneration during stress and exhaustion 
  • The pain management during migraine, joint, and muscle pain, headaches and back pain
  • The stabilization after bodily injuries or emotional traumas 
  • The support in challenging life situations
  • The treatment of psychosomatic symptoms
  • The harmonization during hyperactivity and lack of concentration

The traction is a treatment with a dosed tensile force on the joints of the extremities and the spinal column. The physiotherapist determines the intensity through the use of force, tensile direction, and through a respective joint setting. The pain-alleviating effect of this treatment technique is achieved through the pressure reduction and relief of the joints, relief of compressed nerve roots, and muscle relaxation.

  • 75 min / 90,00 €