Chronic pain

Patients with chronic pain may develop a so-called pain behavior due to the lasting pain. You can find a pain diary for documentation here...

Typical signs:

  • pronounced protective posture
  • hyper- or hypoactivity
  • depressive mood
  • fears
  • little endurance and little motivation
  • impaired self-confidence and diminished self-esteem
  • social withdrawal
  • disturbed action abilities
  • sleep, dizziness, and appetite disorders
  • metabolic symptoms (e.g. heavy sweating)
  • income or job problems, up to and including their loss.

The aim is to change the perception as well as the behavior, such that the patient's quality of life is improved. This can, and also should, be multidisciplinary. In this respect, we can count on a good interdisciplinary collaboration with the departments of orthopedics and traumatology (Dr. Patrick Garcia), psychology, and physiotherapy (Palma-Vital) in our practice.

Pain Diary (PDF)