Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) or encephalomyelitis disseminata (ED) is a chronic-inflammatory neurological disease with different forms, which is why it is dubbed with the term "the disease with a thousand faces". It affects the myelin sheaths, the electrically insulating outer layer of nerve fibers in the central nervous system (CNS).

Thus, a functional disorder and tissue damage occur, which are associated with a great number of complaints, such as visual disorders, palsies, and sensory disturbances. The disease usually appears between the ages of 20 and 40. It usually has an intermittent course and is slow in progress. The cause of this disease has not been fully clarified. A disorder of the immune system in the form of a so-called autoimmune disease is suspected. In recent years in particular, the therapeutic options have improved dramatically.

We have the possibility of diagnosis by means of imaging procedures, electrophysiology, laboratory, and lumbar puncture.

Acute treatment

In the case of an acute flare with neurological signs lasting for more than 12 hours, a neurological examination should be performed as soon as possible and immediate treatment be provided. We have a day-care bed in our practice and occupancy beds in a private hospital (Clínica Juaneda)

Preventive treatments

There are numerous drugs used as first-line basic therapy in multiple sclerosis outbreak prophylaxis to reduce the frequency and severity of acute inflammatory flares. The same drugs as those used in other EU countries are available in Spain. However, they are generally supplied exclusively through hospital pharmacies and require a physician's prescription and a report on the indication. We cooperate with the pharmacy in our admitting hospital Clínica Juaneda.

Individual complaints that occur in multiple sclerosis can be positively influenced by different measures, e.g. medication, intrathecal treatment, or Botox against spastic symptoms, pain, bladder voiding disturbances, and fatigue. In the case of spasticity and movement disorders, our Department of Physiotherapy is available to you.